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Tour of Novato and Community Fair - PFI Inc Becomes Gold Sponsor for Novato Schools

PFI Incorporated - Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Since 2008, the Tour of Novato supported by the Novato’s Foundation for Public Education, School Fuel has raised $ 990,180 for local public schools! Last year, PFI joined the long list of supporters by donating $4,000 to this cause, while this year, the company contributed to the total of $78,158 raised by sponsoring the event. By investing in the education of the children of Novato, we are investing in the future of our city and ensuring that our schools are providing an excellent learning environment for our youth.

This family-friendly fitness event took place over the weekend of May 4th in downtown Novato. The participants had an option to choose from a variety of different biking or walking routes for all ages and skill levels. PFI team biked a 25-mile-long trail through Novato’s beautiful neighborhoods. The Tour of Novato & Community Fair is the largest, single fundraising event for local schools aimed to showcase student’s talents. In addition to fitness activities, there were many other activities, including free games and crafts, as well as free books for all ages.


School Fuel gives each school an opportunity to raise money for educational programs of their choice. This organizations mission is to support and enrich the education available to every student in the Novato Unified School District by raising funds, encouraging volunteerism, and increasing community awareness. Besides the Tour of Novato, this organization helps fund many other events and programs including school libraries, enrichment grants for middle and high schools, book giveaways, arts and science programs, and so forth.


Building strong communities will have a positive effect on local businesses and the economy and is well worth investing in! Research shows that children who have access to quality education are more likely to become productive citizens with stable employment and family life. This puts fewer demands on the public healthcare system and welfare assistance programs. Investing in schools is far more cost-effective for the state than paying for welfare programs and other consequences of low-quality education.


Helping children uncover their real potential and life goals early on is of utmost importance to Novato’s School District. It is thanks to organizations such as School Fuel that Novato schools can provide personalized and innovative educational programs for its students.


Here at PFI, we are thrilled to participate in fun programs that bring families together and benefit the whole community. We hope to be a part of this event in the following years and help raise much-needed funds for Novato schools!


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