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Invest in Marin County

Welcome to our new blog about Marin! This section will contain articles about Marin County and will help you to understand what makes this county unique. More importantly, why is it an ideal location to invest in multi-family and commercial real estate with PFI Incorporated? Check back frequently for answers to these question and everything else related to this beautiful county!

What Makes Marin County Unique?

- Monday, May 09, 2016

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and as you say goodbye to San Francisco, you enter beautiful Marin County. This wonderful stretch of land is the sunnier and more spacious friend to San Francisco. Once known as a Hippie-haven, Marin has evolved into a chic and sophisticated county inhabited by ex-San Franciscans, old money and exports from all over the world seeking to live the high-end West Coast life. Famous for its natural beauty, liberal politics, and affluence, Marin County is definitely a unique corner of the world.

Impressive Geography

Inhale the fresh air and you will understand why so many techies come to invest and live in Marin. This county boasts impressive geography! The Marin Headlands is famous for its views of San Francisco and of the Pacific Ocean. This site, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, has vast hiking trails and a number of historic military settlement fortifications that make you feel as if you were isolated from the rest of the Bay Area. 

Want to feel the strength of a mighty forest? Muir Woods has 240 acres of Sequoia forests that provide endless possibilities for outdoor recreation. And take time to visit the ever-changing exhibits on redwood ecology and conservation. You can even bike through the site where Ewoks battled Storm troopers in Star Wars and The Apes fought off humans in Dawn of the Planet of The Apes. Whether you go to Stinson Beach, Point Reyes or Angel Island, all of these beautiful National Protected Areas are within a half hour drive for all Marin County residents.

Marin is also unique in that it is geographically "landlocked" by protected land and the ocean, so Marinites don't need to worry about the county becoming over developed and over populated, ensuring Marin keeps its secluded and exclusive status. Most of the county has already been built on, so investors don't need to worry about future competition and residents don't worry about their neighborhoods going through drastic changes.

Home to Innovative Companies and Big Businesses

Companies like Autodesk, BioMarin, and Kaiser call this place home, so it's no wonder that Marin is one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S.! Marin's median household income is $91,375 and the average household net worth is at $1,379,747. The unemployment rate has gone down from 2010's 8.4% to the current 3.3%. Life expectancy in Marin is the best in the U.S, for women, being calculated at 85 years, almost 5 years more than the national average!

Let PFI Inc. be Your Guide to Living or Investing in Marin

The San Francisco Bay Area is unique in its mix of technology and nature, and this side of the Golden Gate Bridge is exceptionally worthy for its hybrid way. Life in Marin County is good. The geography is amazing, the jobs are available, the food is superb and the weather is great. Whether you decide to live or invest in Marin, let PFI Inc be your guide!

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